Crochet Terms in my Patterns

Hi all,

As you can see from my Blog Title I am an Australian.

I like to crochet in UK terms… any pattern I download that are in USA terms I copy into word (if possible) and change them to UK terms before I print them.

So my patterns on my blog are in UK terms.. I will endeavour to put US terms at the end of each pattern

Please be aware of this when trying to follow my patterns… hehe

Cheers Charli 😀


15 thoughts on “Crochet Terms in my Patterns

  1. I have figured out the conversion to US terms in all but the term “work even.” Does that just mean work across? I would assume so, but want to make sure, if you can help me out. Very cute pattern, by the way. Thank you!


    • yes… “work even” means no increase or decrease… as in keep the sides even and just keep working across and back…
      thanks they are cute and Ollie wore them to death all winter… his mother had to make sure they were washed and dried while he was at school so he could put them on as soon as he’d had had his bath in the evening 😀


    • I suppose… :/
      I can knit but prefer to crochet as in my mind it grows quicker 😀
      you could try and if they work out please let me know… I don’t have a pattern to knit them though 😛


  2. I see that you change the terms to UK before printing…do you by chance have this pattern in US terms as well? I seem to be having trouble converting it…


  3. I can’t figure out how to assemble the snout. I fold it but it doesn’t look the same as the picture. Any chance you could explain it to me or do you have a video tutorial u have made? Thanks


    • fold it at the point right sides together, sew up the 2 sides but NOT the bottom (13 sts part) then turn it right way out then when you crochet around the leg opening you crochet across the bottom (13 sts) as well as the rest of the opening… I don’t have a video and have no plans to do one as I only made the one pair for a gift and have no plans to make any more.


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