Shark Slippers for other sizes

Since these were made to fit Ollie’s foot measurements I suggest you take measurements in the same places as I did for him and go from there…
Guage: Using 8 ply yarn & 4mm hook… 1 x dc (sc) = approx 0.5cm… 2 rows = 1 cm

so for instance if your foot was 12cm from one side, across the top & down the other side then you will need it to be 24 dc (sc) across…

also the number of rows would need to be change to match foot length in the toe to snout and heel to toe sections…


36 thoughts on “Shark Slippers for other sizes

  1. Shark slippers correction and assembly picture are not allowing me to see the instructions or a new assembly picture. The second picture show the heel and bottom sole only, not the leg and bottom jaw. I am so confused and am not good enough to figure it out. Could you email the corrections and correct assembly picture?


  2. Hi my name is Catie and I was wondering if you would be able to help me change the size of these slippers to a size ten in us because I have to make them for a family friend. I was trying to figure it out but I can’t and you don’t have to help me but I figured you would be the best person to ask. I’m using bernat chunky- super bulky 6 – and my hook is a 6


  3. I just finished your Shark Slippers for a friend’s little boy. He is obsessed with sharks and I think that he will love them. I had a little trouble sewing them together, but I went back and did it step by step like you instructed and got it fine. Thank you for the pattern. I’m going to make some for Christmas gifts.


  4. Hello and thanks for this great pattern. My daughter has asked me to make these for her to give to her friend for their baby shower, so I was wondering if you could give me an idea of stitches/rows etc for 0-3 months. I have no idea how to change/adapt crochet patterns and would greatly appreciate any help you could possibly give me


    • sorry… the only thing I can suggest is to you follow this guage/formula:
      if using 8 ply (worsted weight) yarn and 4.00mm (G/6) hook then 1dc (sc) = 0.5cm and 2 rows = 1cm
      if using 4ply (baby soft) yarn and a 2.75mm – 3.00mm (C/2) hook then 1dc (sc) = 0.25cm and 4 rows = 1cm [I think that might work]
      I don’t have any 4 ply to try it so…
      but basically you need to measure in the spots I did for Ollie’s foot and add a few mm for wiggle room 😀 once you have these measurements it’s just a matter of maths to work out how many stitches & rows you need to do…
      hope this helps if not there is a link on my blog to a lady who will make them any size you want…


  5. I would like to make these for a baby too and I could make the foot part based on the length of a usual newborn foot size but I’m not sure about the changes for the snout,etc.


  6. Did you do your measurements from one side of the heel across the toes and down to the other side of the heel? My 46 year old would like a pair😊


    • no…
      LEG: 12cm long (heel to snout opening) **this is actually taken from the side… basically from the floor up to where you want the snout to open
      TOP: 10cm long, 10cm wide **this is from level with the tip of the big toe, along the top of the foot to where you want the snout and from 1 side of the foot over the top of the foot at the arch section) and down to the other side (where the grey section will be)
      TOES: 6cm wide **for this I traced his foot on paper then using the angles I squared it of to get the measurement for across the tip of the toes (like the point of a triangle only with the tip chopped off) see the toe seams to get the gist of the shape
      HEEL: 11cm wide **this is from ankle bone, around the tip of the heel, to ankle bone (the seam measurement) so you know what width to come back out to before going up the back of the leg for the bottom jaw
      FOOT: 15cm long, 10cm wide **this is the length from heel to toe along the bottom of the foot and from side to side like the top only on the bottom (where the white section will be)
      BACK LEG: 6cm long (bottom jaw) ** this is from the floor up the back of the leg to where you want the bottom jaw to end

      hope this helps


  7. Hi I don’t know if this is any help but I have just made some of these gorgeous slippers for a baby x
    I used a 3mm hook and dk
    Followed all pattern with the exceptions :-
    Grey top part did 24 rows
    White base of foot did 8 rows
    White back of leg did 4 rows


  8. Hi, I would love to make the baby shark booties/slippers that I saw a picture of. I would like to make them for a friend who is having a baby boy in October. Do you have a pattern for the baby shark booties? Thank you for your help. This would be an amazing thing to make for her.


    • sorry not really… these are made to fit the foot measurements NOT any particular size as such… I have included a formula for you to work out number of stitches and rows and I suggest if your calculations work out with fractions (eg 10.5 rows or 13.75 stitches etc) that you round up rather than down as a rule. Hope this helps.


  9. Just discovered your pattern. I have a friend who is a shark maniac. She will be 66 the end of July. I haven’t had any luck finding the pattern in adult sizes. If you have one could you e-mail it to me? Thanks!!!


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