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2 thoughts on “IMG_1115 (1)

  1. This is a beautiful lapghan. I would love to make one of these. I donate lapghans to the nursing homes for the wheel chair bound patients. Where can I find this pattern? Thank You and I love your work. Jeannie Norris


    • Hi Jeannie,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Well done on the donation front… I make & donate underarm travel pillows for ladies battling Breast Cancer…
      Unfortunately I’m sorry to say this lapghan was made as a one-off for my bff battling Breast Cancer… I mixed different free patterns from Google searches and made up the end triangle fill-in part & border as I went… it was a labour of love (she loves Sunflowers) and I didn’t take any notice of how much yarn I used… so I don’t have an exact pattern for it and I kinda like it that way so that it can be a special one-of-a-kind for just her… I hope you understand… I can put the links to the free patterns I used if that’s of any help…
      Sunflower Centre & Petal is the 1st 3 rounds from:
      Zooty Owl Cards…
      Full & Half Hexagon is from:
      Make & Do Crew…
      I hope you can use them to make your own version… but I’d appreciate it if you altered yours a little so as to not be EXACTLY the same as my friends.
      Cheers Charli


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